Enjoy the sparkling lights, festive European village atmosphere, and tasty holiday food! The Christmas Hope Festival is a completely free outdoor experience for the whole family!

What To Expect

December Weather

By the time the festival opens, it will be dark outside. Don’t forget to bundle up! This is an outdoor event and it may be cold. In the case that we have to cancel a festival evening, we will inform you by email and post a notice on this website.


When you arrive at our parking lot, we will assist you in navigating to a good parking space. Please inform our Parking & Security Team if you need a handicap accessible space. Traffic may be heavy at times, please be patient with our staff and other drivers.

The Festival

As you enter the front gate of the festival, you will be walking into a mid-1800’s European village. Greeters dressed for the time will welcome you with a smile and direct you to your first stop – the “Good News Publications” Print Shop. Next, you won’t want to miss any of the four presentations that will immerse you into the full story of Christmas and why Christmas time is a special time of HOPE! If you missed one of the presentations, just wait a few minutes and the show will be repeated.

On your way through the village, you will find many of the local shops are open for this special occasion. Don’t disappoint any of the shopkeepers! They will each want to serve you their best!


You may stay as long as you want, but the festival will begin to close around 8:30 PM. On your way out, be sure to stop by our literature booth where you will find helpful resources for knowing God and spiritual living. The festival’s four presentations are designed to get you thinking about your relationship with God and how His truth brings HOPE to our lives. If you have any questions, about God and the forgiveness and peace He can bring to your life, please talk to one of our staff on your way out. We would love to have the opportunity to show you what the Bible says about the love and forgiveness of God!


Is this event Handicap accessible?

Yes. This is an outdoor event and the primary attractions are situated on the pavement in our parking lot. Our indoor bathrooms are also handicap accessible.

Where are the restrooms?

Our church building will be open for the public to use the restrooms indoors.

Will this event be secure?

We want to do our best to provide a peaceful, family friendly, festival experience for each of our guests. Our Security Team carefully plans emergency procedures and our property is under 24 hour video surveillance. The local police department is aware of the festival and advises us on security measures.

Can I return another night?

Certainly! We would love for you to come back and bring a friend! Please register to let us know you are coming. Also, be sure to plan ahead and mark your calendar for next year. We hope to see you again!

Can I donate toward the festival?

We want to serve our local community with this free event and we are not expecting donations from our guests. If, however, you wish to donate, gifts can be mailed to the church office designated for “CHF”.

Is there space for outside venders?

The Christmas Hope Festival is a ministry of Faith Bible Church for our community. We are not selling anything or permitting others to make sales at the festival. Commerce is simply not the purpose of this event. We want the focus to be on celebrating the Christmas season and the hope that all can find in Jesus.